Yes, We do make a 5 Octave Xylosynth

After a flurry of requests this week for a 5 Octave Xylosynth      we thought we should mention that we do make one. Very good for marimba players! The one pictured now belongs to ‘Cirque du Soleil’ played by Aaron Guidry.

New Facebook Page

Our old Facebook Group has been replaced by a new Facebook Page with the following link, Check it out and contribute with your own interesting Xylosynth footage, Xylosynth photos or Xylosynth related gig dates etc.

Button Control Panel

Another new option is the button control panel. Instead of the standard jack sockets for foot pedal controls there is now an option to have all push button controls (except sustain which is always pedal controlled). This new push button control panel is £37.50 inc VAT.

Onboard Sounds and Display

Many customers are asking about our new onboard sounds and display as we have not updated our website yet with the details.  You now have the option of a 3 digit LED display, on it’s own (useful to see what midi programme or channel number you are in if your sound source is not in sight) or with 128 General Midi onboard sounds. The onboard sounds have a line out to amplification and a stereo line out (1/4″ jack) for headphones. Prices in UK Sterling £72 inc VAT for the LED Display and £192 inc VAT for the display and sounds.

Nigel Kennedy Tour

Preissler Percussion were very pleased to inform us that their 4 Octave Bubinga Xylosynth has been chosen to accompany Nigel Kennedy on tour in Germany. I believe the tour starts off in Stuttgart on Wednesday 2nd November.

The Paul Middleton Angst Band

Matthew Evens is playing his Xylosynth with The Paul Middleton Angst Band at Dublin Castle, Camden on Friday 11th November.

Powerplant/Joby Burgess

We spent a fantastic evening on Wednesday 5th October watching Joby Burgess/Powerplant Live at the Lakeside Centre in Nottingham. Catch Joby on ‘Later with Jools’ this week playing his Xylosynth with Peter Gabriel.

2011 DCI Championships

The 2011 DCI Championships have just been held at the weekend. Congratulations to World Class winners ‘The Cadets’ who, with a 4 Octave Birch Xylosynth in their armoury, only dropped 0.2 points in the ensemble for a winning score of 19.8. Congratulations also to ‘Blue Devils’ who came a close second overall, scoring 19.7 in their ensemble among which is a 2 Octave Birch Xylosynth. Carolina Crown, who have a 2 Octave Birch Xylosynth, came 4th overall with a fantastic score of 19.6 (3rd highest) in the ensemble. Not forgetting the ‘Blue Knights’, who have a 2 Octave Birch Xylosynth, coming in 9th overall with a score of 18.2 in the ensemble. Much hard work and dedication has paid off for these superb performers.

In the Open Class ‘Blue Devils B’ came first including an ensemble score of 19.1 with a 2 Octave Birch in their line up. So big congratulations to them also.

Bjork’s ‘Biophilia’ Tour at the Manchester International Festival

We’ve just enjoyed a fantastic evening in Manchester watching Bjork performing her ‘Biophilia’ live show at the start of her world tour. Central to the piece was Manu Delago, percussionist, playing his 3 Octave Xylosynth. The show featured a range of specially conceived and crafted instruments including a musical lightening generator and four harp-playing pendulums. We were delighted that the Xylosynth was part of Bjork’s ground breaking and highly innovative show. Highly recommended if you get the chance to go. Many thanks to Manu, Peter van der Velde (production manager for Bjork) and Jez Webb (technician).

Giffords Circus

David Insua-Cao (UK) who bought his 3 Octave clear birch Xylosynth in October has recently informed us that he is playing with Giffords Circus as part of their 14 piece band. They’ve just kicked off their summer season at the Telegraph Hay Festival and will then be touring South-West England. This is no ordinary circus from what I’ve been reading. A troupe of actors, acrobats, learned geese, tumbling pigeons, hawks, clowns, musicians and runaways ‘Proudly presenting War and Peace at the Circus’ with thrilling scenes from this epic Russian novel. I can’t wait to see it, I wonder if we can get free tickets!