Raised Accidentals

We have a new feature of ‘raised accidentals’. Only raised by 6mm but players say it makes a positive difference if you are used to this on acoustic instruments. No extra charge for this feature.

Hi! I love the raised accidentals, they make it feel like my Marimba. I would recommend them :) Best Julia

Hello Julie-Ellen,

Yes, my preference is to go for the raised keys. Honestly, the raised height of the upper manual keys is so subtle, I’m not sure I consciously notice it much of the time. But, I am a marimba/xylophone player by nature, so having the slight raise does make me feel intuitively more “at home” on the instrument. At the same time, because the raised height is not very much, I am able to switch back to playing the xylosynth like a vibraphone without much thought or need for adjustment. If the customer in question plans on playing marimba or xylophone literature on the instrument to some extent, I would very much recommend the raised keys. Hope this helps,

Alex Higano

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