Orphy Robinson

We are privileged to tell you that Orphy Robinson is now the proud owner of a folding 4 Octave Bubinga Xylosynth. For those that have not heard of him he recently played on the Nigel Kennedy Tour in Germany last year on a Xylosynth hired from Preissler Music. Liking the instrument so much he saved up an bought one for himself. Here’s a few words from this great Vibraphonist on receipt of the instrument: ‘Yes the Xylosynth arrived and it looks and plays great. I have already used it on a couple of gigs, one in the Chapel at Kings College in the Strand where it fitted in well in the ensemble allowing me to use three sounds Vibes/Marimba and Balafon – I was very grateful I didn’t have to cart around those instruments at the venue. The next date was a Jazz quartet in Oxford where I only used a Vibes sound. Thank you for doing such a great job with the Xylosynth and I look forward to many years of making music with it’.

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