Xylosynth XS7 Bubinga

Built with solid bubinga and available in 2, 3 and folding 4 & 5 octave sizes.

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Xylosynth XS7 Birch

Built with laminated birch and available in 2, 3 and folding 4 & 5 octave sizes.

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Xylosynth XS7 Stained Birch

Built with laminated stained birch and available in 2, 3 and folding 4 & 5 octave sizes.

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Xylosynth™ by Wernick

Designed Without Compromise

If you are looking for an alternative to your traditional marimba, vibraphone or xylophone with the capability of accessing the myriad sounds available for complete musical flexibility at home or in the workplace then the Xylosynth is for you. This BEAUTIFUL percussion instrument will make you proud to play it anywhere which is why the BBC Philharmonic and Berlin Philharmonic are amongst our prestigious owners.

The tactile feel when striking the hard key surface combined with the dampening support system underneath to absorb the energy gives a controlled and minimal bounce, even with the hardest of mallet strikes. This bounce response is the same as playing a traditional Marimba or Vibraphone.

The  impact sensitive piezo sensors under each bar combined with our very sophisticated filtering technology ensures a clean rapid response. The piezos are protected by the wood bars so there is no pressure on the sensor and we can guarantee our instruments, INCLUDING bars if using soft mallets, for 2 years parts and labour. This shows the confidence we have in the build quality and robustness of our instruments.

You can use the Xylosynth as an electronic marimba or electronic vibraphone but it is still a player’s instrument not a programmers. The Xylosynth is a plug in and play instrument that comes with 128 General MIDI internal sounds plus drumkit but those players who want a more nuanced set up can delve into our fantastic onboard editing software where they will find everything they need to achieve this.

The Xylosynth is used around the world in musicals by companies such as Cameron Mackintosh, Andrew Lloyd Webber (Really Useful Group), Stage Entertainment, DreamWorks, Disneyland Paris and Shanghai and by top marching bands such as Carolina Crown, Blue Devils and The Cadets and on international tours with Cirque Du Soleil, Bjork and many others so as an owner you will be in good company!


  • Solid hardwood keys in Bubinga or laminated Birch for natural playability and stunning looks
  • USB Power
  • USB Communication to access unlimited sounds from any USB device.
  • OLED Display
  • Push Button and Foot Pedal Controls on every instrument.
  • Choice to add 4 Expression Pedal/Drumpad sockets with the ‘Special’ version
  • Choice to have ‘raised accidentals’
  • Impact sensitive piezo technology for lightning response and reliability
  • Octave Shift (via foot pedal and push button)
  • 2, 3 and folding 3, 4, and 5 octave models available
  • Lightweight and compact with fast set up and portability
  • Includes 128 General MIDI internal sounds with no programming required
  • Includes exclusive Wernick Long Sustain pedal with every instrument
  • A ‘MIDI out’ to access unlimited sounds from any MIDI sound source
  • Note length and sensitivity controls to adapt to your playing style
  • Water resistant build, sensors not affected by heat, gold-plated internal components for all climates
  • Each instrument is custom made with exceptional build quality and attention to detail
  • 2 years parts and labour guarantee INCLUDING bars if using our soft marimba mallets

Each instrument is custom built to specification from the many options available and we take pride in our work to ensure you receive a world class instrument and service.

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