Carolina Crown go with Xylosynth

“What a great program and exhibition Carolina Crown produced in the 2009 Drum Corps and Bugle season and we are extremely proud that they will now be using our Xylosynth during the 2010 season and beyond. Recent¬† DCI rule changes have allowed this to happen and Carolina Crown will be introducing the Xylosynth into their front line ensemble with a Blond 2 Octave. The Xylosynth is only part of the team but being the best in its class will only help Carolina Crown be best in theirs. We wish Carolina Crown all the best.”

Will Wernick, Owner Wernick Musical Instruments

“Developing the Carolina Crown sound is always at the top of our list and now having the opportunity to use the Xylosynth from Wernick Muiscal Instruments just made the depth of sound much more alive.”

Jim Coates, Chief Operating Officer Carolina Crown

“Xylosynth has allowed me to expand the depth of my arrangements and I am very excited to incorporate this technology into our set up at Carolina Crown.¬† This will allow us to create a vast amount of sounds while saving space on the truck and making the lives of our members easier.”

Andrew Markworth, Arranger Carolina Crown

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