2011 DCI Championships

The 2011 DCI Championships have just been held at the weekend. Congratulations to World Class winners ‘The Cadets’ who, with a 4 Octave Birch Xylosynth in their armoury, only dropped 0.2 points in the ensemble for a winning score of 19.8. Congratulations also to ‘Blue Devils’ who came a close second overall, scoring 19.7 in their ensemble among which is a 2 Octave Birch Xylosynth. Carolina Crown, who have a 2 Octave Birch Xylosynth, came 4th overall with a fantastic score of 19.6 (3rd highest) in the ensemble. Not forgetting the ‘Blue Knights’, who have a 2 Octave Birch Xylosynth, coming in 9th overall with a score of 18.2 in the ensemble. Much hard work and dedication has paid off for these superb performers.

In the Open Class ‘Blue Devils B’ came first including an ensemble score of 19.1 with a 2 Octave Birch in their line up. So big congratulations to them also.

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