Manu Delago

Manu Delago

Austrian born Hang player, percussionist and composer based in London

My Xylosynth Setup

I’ve have a 3 Octave Bubinga Xylosynth and have been using it mainly as controller for Ableton Live and Kontakt. In the Björk live show I played Beatbox sounds, Harp sounds and various Synths with it. I’m planning to use it for Synth Basses and other samples in my own band ‘Manu Delago Handmade’ as well. Between my bands and Bjork tours I have instigated the purchase of 4 Xylosynths, the latest being a new XS7s 4 Octave Blond Birch Special for the new Bjork tour this summer (2018).

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