Can Tutuğ

Can Tutuğ
Istanbul based vibraphonist, composer, educator and bandleader, regularly hosting sessions at Nardis Jazz Club, The Badau and many jazz clubs and playing his own band “Can Tutuğ Quartet” and other bands: Eren Akgün Quartet, Organic Vibes Trio/Quartet, Sanat Deliorman & Can Tutuğ Duo, Kaan Bıyıkoğlu Quartet, MONK Trio w. Çağdaş Oruç and Andreas Metzler. 
My Xylosynth Setup

I have a 3 Octave Mk6 Birch Xylosynth. For samples I use my Macbook (with the MIDI ports) and the iPad with the Behringer is202. And the software is Pure Jazz Vibes by Orange Tree Samples. The results are consistently realistic. I’m making performances nine or ten nights in a month. With it’s case the Xylosynth is the best solution for gigs!

Musician colleagues have commented that they could not tell the difference between the sounds from the module(s) and the real instruments, especially when coming from the orchestral pit and the look of the Xylosynth is almost like the real thing (apart from the resonator tubes).

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