Peter Birkby

Peter Birkby

UK based composer, percussionist, arranger, musical director, publisher, manager and educator. I am an active member of the musical community, especially composer (BASCA) and percussion (NAPT) organisations.

My Xylosynth Setup

I have a 3 Octave Birch Xylosynth. For samples I use laptop, Mbox (with the MIDI ports) and the Structure software in ProTools. The results are consistently excellent.  There have been a number of times when touring (especially abroad) that this set-up has been all I have used for the gig as the instruments that were hired in were not up to standard (or everything that was needed was not available).  Musician colleagues have commented that they could not tell the difference between the sounds from the module(s) and the real instruments, especially when coming from the orchestral pit and the look of the Xylosynth is almost like the real thing (apart from the resonator tubes).

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