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Teymuralp Merter Fosforoglu

We spent a great day with Teymuralp when he came over from Turkey to buy a Xylosynth. He wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted beforehand and as we make everything to order we were very pleased to custom make his Xylosynth from a basic 3 Octave Bubinga by adding a button control panel and sounds with display while he waited.

Teymuralp and Will

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Orphy Robinson

We are privileged to tell you that Orphy Robinson is now the proud owner of a folding 4 Octave Bubinga Xylosynth. For those that have not heard of him he recently played on the Nigel Kennedy Tour in Germany last year on a Xylosynth hired from Preissler Music. Liking the instrument so much he saved up an bought one for himself. Here’s a few words from this great Vibraphonist on receipt of the instrument: ‘Yes the Xylosynth arrived and it looks and plays great. I have already used it on a couple of gigs, one in the Chapel at Kings College in the Strand where it fitted in well in the ensemble allowing me to use three sounds Vibes/Marimba and Balafon – I was very grateful I didn’t have to cart around those instruments at the venue. The next date was a Jazz quartet in Oxford where I only used a Vibes sound. Thank you for doing such a great job with the Xylosynth and I look forward to many years of making music with it’.

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Arranger For the World Champion Winter Guard International

Jim Wunderlich had a few words to say after helping The Riverside Community College (RCC) win the 2012 World Championships, the WGI. He is the arranger/composer for the percussion section and has these words to say:

The Xylosynth allows RCC to access synth sounds in a different manner than a traditional synth, allowing for a more percussive approach to synth playing. The quick movement to the mounted Xylosynth by any mallet keyboard player, and the durability of the product, have helped us present our musical arrangements in an exciting, more accessible manner! Thank You!

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One’s not Enough

Manu Delago at the warm up of the Björk’s Biophilia tour in Manchester, UK, last year. He is touring worldwide as Björk’s Xylosynth player. More news to come about what he plans to do with his own Xylosynth (he had to get one for himself as Björk’s Xylosynth is always stored in a container). Check out his website

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WGI 2012

We wish all the best to our Xylosynth players at this year’s Winter Guard International (WGI) Championships in Dayton Ohio, USA. These include Tyler Junior College, Rhythm X, Riverside Community College, Ayala HS, Walled Lake Central HS, Centerville HS, Petal HS, Pioneer Indoor and San Diego State University. Sorry if we have missed anyone out.

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Yes, We do make a 5 Octave Xylosynth

After a flurry of requests this week for a 5 Octave Xylosynth      we thought we should mention that we do make one. Very good for marimba players! The one pictured now belongs to ‘Cirque du Soleil’ played by Aaron Guidry.

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New Facebook Page

Our old Facebook Group has been replaced by a new Facebook Page with the following link, Check it out and contribute with your own interesting Xylosynth footage, Xylosynth photos or Xylosynth related gig dates etc.

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Button Control Panel

Another new option is the button control panel. Instead of the standard jack sockets for foot pedal controls there is now an option to have all push button controls (except sustain which is always pedal controlled). This new push button control panel is £37.50 inc VAT.

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Onboard Sounds and Display

Many customers are asking about our new onboard sounds and display as we have not updated our website yet with the details.  You now have the option of a 3 digit LED display, on it’s own (useful to see what midi programme or channel number you are in if your sound source is not in sight) or with 128 General Midi onboard sounds. The onboard sounds have a line out to amplification and a stereo line out (1/4″ jack) for headphones. Prices in UK Sterling £72 inc VAT for the LED Display and £192 inc VAT for the display and sounds.

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Nigel Kennedy Tour

Preissler Percussion were very pleased to inform us that their 4 Octave Bubinga Xylosynth has been chosen to accompany Nigel Kennedy on tour in Germany. I believe the tour starts off in Stuttgart on Wednesday 2nd November.

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